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Recommendations Report

These Recommendations present what the EWG-GPI heard during the Global Consultation on GPI, as well as its own deliberations. We hope they inspire readers to be bold in their calls for the reforms in global public financing necessary to build the world we all want to live in.

Recommendations Report

July 2022
Building a better system: Making Global Public Investment a reality

One pager on the Recommendations

July 2022
Global Public Investment is an idea whose time has come. The evolutions proposed by the GPI approach are now agreed by many across the political spectrum and across the world.

Summary diagram

July 2022
With Cocreation as our overarching principle, the Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment makes the following Recommendations to the individuals and organisations that need to collaborate and work together in the coming months and years to make GPI a realit


July 2022
Recommendations of the Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment

The Future of Aid: Global Public Investment

by Jonathan Glennie

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Relevant GPI documents

Here we have provided key reference documents and working papers of the EWG-GPI and the EWG Secretariat - Equal International.

Report on Progress

July 2021

GPI in Numbers

July 2021

Global Public Investment for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

January 2022
In the face of a ravaging global pandemic, it is more critical than ever that we have quick, effective and coordinated means of financing the response internationally. Yet the current global commitment to pandemic response and financing has proven both hard to mobilise and highly uneven in its benefits. This paper sets out how the principles of GPI could be applied to create a more effective, equitable and sustainable system of global public financing and coordination for pandemic preparedness.

Cocreation and Consultation for GPI

May 2021
Consultation and Cocreation has emerged as core commitment, process and value in the evolution of Global Public Investment. This Briefing paper synthesises the theory and best practice in relation to co-creation and consultation which draws on research that was supported by Queen Mary's University and the experience of those who have been actively engaged in the cocreation of Global Public Investment as a new approach to financing global public goods.

Terms of Reference

October 2020
Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment Terms of Reference


Here we have provided repository of key publications and papers relevant to GPI

Recommendations for the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPR)

June 2022
Ahead of the finalisation and implementation of the Financial Intermediary Fund, (FIF )for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response, Equal International with over 120 organisations including STOPAIDS, Joep Lange Institute, Equal International, GNP+, WACI Health, Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN), Frontline AIDS and the Platform for ACT-A Civil Society and Community Representatives share ‘some key recommendations to make the new FIF Proposal more inclusive and sustainable. These recommendations push for GPI principles to inform the governance, finance and operation modalities of the new PPR Fund.

Applying Global Public Investment Principles to U.S. Global Health and Development Programs

June 2022
Concept Note

Re-imagining UK Aid Through Global Public Investment

September 2021
Equal International produced this briefing paper to present at an event hosted by Wilton Park on the 15th of September 2021. The event brings together key stakeholders from across the development and climate sectors, to reimagining UK development assistance to 2030 and beyond. It comes at a pivotal moment as the UK Government is in the process of developing a new International Development Strategy which will set out the UK’s long-term approach to aid and provides an opportunity for key stakeholders to influence that strategy.

Global Public Investment for Equality and Sustainability

April 2021
A one-page policy note explaining why GPI is necessary for global equality and sustainability.

Global Public Investment in the age of Covid-19

April 2021
A short article by Simon Reid-Henry on how the Covid crisis has highlighted what is possible in the current global political context, but also what challenges remain to be addressed.

Global Public Investment, Redesigning international public finance for social cohesion PAPER (September 2020)

September 2020
Simon Reid-Henry considers the case for a more structured system of international fiscal allocations: Global Public Investment.

Aid transformed, towards Global Public Investment ARTICLE (August 2020)

August 2020
An article by Jonathan Glennie for UNA-UK’s annual SDG report arguing that Global Public Investment should become a mainstay of our collective efforts to build back better.

The Case for Global Public Investment (August 2020)

August 2020
A Briefing Presentation on the concept and its implications. PPT Presentation.

BLOG SERIES on GPI hosted by Development Initiatives (with OECD Devt Center and UNU-IIGH) (Spring-Summer 2020)

July 2020
A series of blogs discussing GPI and the future of aid jointly hosted by three organisations. Authors include Gorik Ooms, Nilima Gulrajani, Harpinder Collacott, Gail Hurley, Libby Smith and Navid Hanif

Symposium on GPI at QMUL SUMMARY NOTE (May 2020)

June 2020
A chair’s summary of the deliberations at two symposia hosted by Queen Mary, University of London.

The WHO and the future of international public finance BLOG (April 2020)

April 2020
Simon Reid-Henry and Jonathan Glennie argue that the current Covid-19 crisis has highlighted massive underfunding of global public health bodies. However, the pandemic also presents an opportunity to rectify this.

Jonathan Glennie’s keynote lecture to Australasian Aid Conference VIDEO (February 2020)

February 2020
A presentation of the main concepts of GPI, about 50 min

A proposal for a new universal development commitment PAPER (December 2019)

December 2019
A paper by Andy Sumner, Myles Wickstead, Nilima Gulrajani and Jonathan Glennie setting out how much money could be raised if all countries contributed a % of their GNI to international goals.

From aid to Global Public Investment, an evolution in international co-operation BLOG (October 2018)

October 2018
Gail Hurley and Jonathan Glennie argue that while most people thing aid should come to an end, the reality of our world demands a different, more far-sighted approach.

Global Public Investment 5 paradigm shifts for the future of aid FULL REPORT (September 2019)

September 2019
The main report underpinning calls for GPI, launched at UNGA in New York in September 2019, outlining 5 paradigm shifts required to build a new era of international financial cooperation.

Global Public Investment 5 paradigm shifts for the future of aid EXEC SUM (September 2019)

September 2019
The Executive Summary of the above report.

Launch of major report at UNGA in New York (September 2019)

September 2019
A brief description of the launch.

Global Public Investment: A step in the right direction (December 2015)

December 2015
An overview by Simon Reid-Henry of how Global Public Investment can be part of a wider politics of global equality. Book Chapter (The Political Origins of Inequality, Chicago University Press, 2015)

Where Next for Aid, The Post-2015 Opportunity REPORT (June 2014)

June 2014
Gail Hurley and Jonathan Glennie, supported by a team of experts from around the world (including Rathin Roy, Alioune Sall and Francisco Sagasti) set out the beginnings of the GPI approach in a joint UNDP/ODI report.

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Articles and Documents that mention GPI, or related with GPI

Global governance needs reshaping if we’re to achieve the SDGs

June 2021
The pandemic has painfully exposed many societies’ inability to deal with crises. We must urgently innovate and democratize our governance structures if we’re to thwart the existential threats facing humankind

A New Paradigm is Needed for Financing the Pandemic Fund

June 2022
A new proposed Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF)for pandemic action, preparedness and response, hosted by the World Bank is expected to be launched in the last quarter of 2022. However, the World Bank's White Paper outlining how this PPR FIF will work reverts to an outmoded donor driven system that poses serious threats to the sustainability of the fund. This article published in the LANCET, makes a case for a radical rethink of the PPR FIF and proposes GPI as a better approach to making it more sustainable.

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